Channeling came quite naturally to me as I started energy healing for my clients. During my energy healing sessions, I would see visions, feel and receive messages telepathically from Spirit, which I would share with my clients. Soon after, I started channeling messages from my guides, ascended masters, the archangels and loved ones in Spirit.

I believe our loved ones in spirit are just a thought away. I receive messages telepathically from the other side. They show me video like clips in my mind's eye (clairvoyance), I also feel (clairsentience) and hear (clairaudience) messages. I am the middleperson between my client and their loved ones in spirit.

To me, those who pass over are vibrant and ‘alive’. During my session, I sense their personality and how they looked while in the physical world, which I share with my clients to validate their loved ones. I have had sessions where pets have also come through to validate their love. 

I have clients who had loved ones struggling between life and death, whereby I connected with them astrally and brought messages to their family. After their passing, I share messages from their loved ones that helps to bring comfort and closure.

What to expect during a One-on-One Reading Session
​Besides my client’s full name, I don’t need any other information from them. To open myself up to spirit, I start with a brief meditation which also helps to relax my client. As I receive the information, I pass it on to the client, which I keep doing till I have shared everything. I always tell my clients that I don’t know their life story – whereby, I am simply a channel and the information that I receive are like pieces of a puzzle that only they know and are able to piece together as it makes sense to them. 

Once I start the session, the client knows exactly how the relevant message applies to which aspect of their life. When booking the appointment, I suggest that my clients bring along their questions. Each session lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes and by the time I am done, all questions are answered.

What to expect during a Group Reading Session

Group Readings are suitable for a small group of friends and family who would like to collectively experience the transformative power of Spirit. For in-person sessions, I offer group readings in Toronto, Canada. For those located in other parts of the world, I offer group readings via Internet on Skype, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger. Group readings are ideal for friends and family who would like a channeled message from their Guides or loved ones in Spirit. You may schedule a group reading of select family and friends, as part of a celebration or any another event.

For further details on one-on-one and group readings, please refer to services page.

​I offer one-on-one and group Channeling and Mediumship Sessions via Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger and in-person at my place in Toronto. To book your appointment click here.