I am a Reiki Master and over the years have learnt other energy healing modalities as well. For me, each client is unique and their needs are different. Whether the healing is done in person or at a distance, I first tap in to what is required for a particular client and work along with my Guides and Masters to send them healing specific for their needs.

What to expect during a Healing Session
During your healing session, you will lie down comfortably, fully clothed in my healing room. When the session begins, you will experience a sense of relaxation. I will place my hands on your head, shoulders, stomach and feet, with other positions being used for specific conditions that you may have mentioned. I like to be guided by my intuition during these sessions and pay extra attention to those areas that need balancing or healing.

As a clairvoyant, if I come across any lower attachments in your auric field, I will clear them during these sessions. I work closely with Archangel Michael and my guides who assist me in clearing any negativity from the auric field through vacuuming technique, as well as through spirit releasement. 

You will feel relaxed – whereby, most of my clients drift off to sleep as they find this session soothing and peaceful. 

After each session, I discuss any intuitive messages that came through during the session. I always recommend my clients to drink lots of water after each session as it helps them to balance and clear any toxins from the body.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes.

Distance Healing
Distance healing is just as effective as a one-on-one healing session. You do not have to be physically present in my healing room in order to receive the benefits of energy healing. When I send you distance healing, I set the intent that it is sent directly to you. My guides and angels assist me during these sessions. 

What to expect during a Distance Healing Session
To receive distance healing, I will ask you to email me a picture of the person that needs distance healing. As an intuitive, during my distance healing sessions I receive messages through feelings, visual images and telepathy which I share with my clients. 

I offer three distance healings and with each healing, I will keep you posted about the progress and the changes that were intuitively received during these sessions.

For further details on energy healing sessions, please refer to services page.

I offer private one-on-one as well distance Healing Sessions.  To book your appointment click here.