​I am a Lightworker. I have always felt different growing up.  As a child, there was this deep sense of purpose, even though I had no idea what this meant or how it would come about.​

​​At seventeen, I had a near death experience. I went to the other side which is a place of unconditional love, light and bliss. I was sent back because of my life's mission. Throughout my life, I have had several awakenings which have made me shed many skins.

At first, these awakenings were intimidating as I felt energy surges flow through my body. I started clairvoyantly tuning in to auras and was able to send and receive energy, without any prior learning or guidance.

At that time, my first connection was with Archangel Michael who assured me that everything I wanted to learn “I already am” – he said that it was all about "remembering". Back then, I was afraid to step out of the box and my insecurities creeped up time and again. My guides sent me images of warriors – they told me to put my insecurities aside as according to them, I was a warrior and belonged to a tribe of warriors.

I was always drawn to metaphysics and spirituality. By 2010, I began to actively pursue my path by learning different spiritual and healing modalities. As I pursued my life's mission, my clairvoyance increased – I saw visions and received messages telepathically from Spirit. Soon after, I started channeling by connecting with Archangels and my Guides. This lead me to further opening up to mediumship. It has been a journey of unfolding.

I am very grateful to the Masters, the Archangels and my Guides who have played such a pivotal role in my awakening. I feel blessed to be a channel for Spirit and to be of service to others.

"As you evolve spiritually, you will be tested... sometimes, the same lessons keep repeating until you have mastered them. Being spiritual is about being true and real, and embracing every aspect of your journey"

                                                              ~ Diana