Tarot and Oracle is a form of divination. I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool, which helps me delve deeper into the hidden layers. I feel the cards speak to me through images as well as messages that I receive intuitively.

 In 2009, I was drawn to oracle cards, which at the time I used to heal myself and to connect with my Angels. Over the years, I have gathered quite a collection of tarot and oracle cards – I find them to be a great tool in connecting with our higher self, as well as connecting with our Angels and Guides.

Since the Law of Attraction is always in play, I believe that you cannot draw a wrong card. You will always be drawn to the cards and messages that you need to hear at that time.

What to expect from my reading
I offer tarot and oracle card readings via email. Besides your full name, I don’t need any other information.

I open up the cards, which tells me a story. I look at the imagery and how it speaks to me. With each client, it is a different message that I receive depending on their energy and the space they are in at the time of reading. I intuitively draw tarot and oracle cards with the intention of reading for the person. I allow the cards to speak to me along with the guidance I receive from my Guides.

Each reading is followed by a channeled message, which offers further guidance to the client.

How to go about it
After the payment has been made, send me a message with your full name and let me know that you are interested in a tarot and oracle card reading. I will send the reading within 48 hours of the payment. If there is a delay or waiting period, I will keep you posted.

For further details on Tarot and Oracle Card Readings, please refer to services page.

I offer Tarot and Oracle Readings which includes a Channeled Message via email.  To book your appointment click here.