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Touching one heart at a time...

"Diana is a clear and conscious channel! Whenever I have a reading, she reaches the heart of the situation and helps me find an empowering and affirming solution. I've turned to her during difficult times and always feel focused and free afterward. Her pure, compassionate energy is uplifting and delivers clarity and renewed purpose. She has a gift of seeing the lesson behind life's challenges and puts things in perspective. Diana does this with love, light, grace and ease. There's no one I trust more!"

~   Jennifer Rowley, Seattle, USA

"At first, my wife and I were a bit hesitant but as and how we spoke to Diana Faroogh it was mind-blowing. She is a very passionate and kind woman. We lost our 22-year-old daughter and it was through Diana we have been able to communicate with her. Diana is 100% accurate. Diana gave such specific details that no other family member would ever know. Without Diana, my wife and I would not have been able to cope with this tragedy. Diana's gift is a blessing for us. Thank you Diana Faroogh. God bless."

~   Behram Irani, USA

​"I have had several readings and healings done from Diana and have had amazing experiences from her sessions. There’s nothing like being able to re-connect with someone who’s crossed over, which provides a sense of relief and calmness. She has helped me immensely. It’s certainly a unique gift that has been given to a few! I have also had overwhelming confirmations from Diana on several occasions. She is a wonderful medium. Diana is amazing to work with. Very prompt and eager to help. She is very knowledgeable, honest and very understanding of our needs! She makes the process very easy and painless. It’s always a pleasure to work with such a lovely person. I highly recommend her to anyone, whether or not you are grieving a loved one. She is so inspiring and amazing in every way. I can't say enough good things about her."

~   Mehra Hansotia, Toronto, Canada

"My daughter had contacted Diana when my son was sick in the hospital.  She did healing for him and he felt better.  However, God had other plans.  My son left this realm on 30th May 2016.  We were devastated and shattered, we blamed ourselves for it.  But then Diana had some messages for us, whereby my son used to connect to us through Diana.  She was so obliging always and helped us through this difficult time.  This lady has now become my daughter.  She is a beautiful light worker.  Very seldom people on this earth work for others.  Diana is a lightworker with a mission to help make this earth a better place."

~   Meher Solan, Karachi, Pakistan


"Diana is simply amazing and will blow your mind away hands down... she truly is a gifted person from up above. She knows stuff that would be impossible for anyone to know unless she was truly a psychic and conversing to departed souls, with her angels guiding her. She told me stuff in a group reading that "only" I and the person in question knew and also how my dad passed away that only a few handful know!  She has not only astonished me but also amazed and helped my sister like cousin and her husband who were in dire need of solace due to the sudden and tragic loss of their young adult daughter.  The accuracy, sincerity, compassion, integrity, and profound channeling of their daughter has provided peace to their heart and answers that I believe they would have never received otherwise. Diana is the real deal... a divinely gifted lady with a beautiful heart!  Thank you so much for sharing your special gift Diana and changing the lives of others!"

~   Dosi Anklesaria, Toronto, Canada


“Diana is an authentic empath and her readings have goosebumps-inducing accuracy. She's the real deal: earnest, compassionate, wise, and warm. Her capacity to tune in and convey meaningful messages is nothing short of amazing. She is a gifted lightworker.”

~ Anakarina Vorbeck, Naestved, Denmark

“While reading your email, I felt my whole body resonate with what you said, its like you know, what I am thinking, feeling and struggling with - and have shown me a clear path forward, which on some level I already knew, but you confirmed it all. As a child of abuse, I do have things I carry around with me, but have in last year been working harder than ever before to deal with my baggage and have been cutting cords with Archangel Michael, as you suggested in your email… wow, still feeling the effects of your words and my truth. Thank you Diana for your clarity and guidance.”

~ Anne Joseph, London, England

“Always spot on - confirming my intuition!”

~ Karina J. Geneser, Kastrup, Denmark

​“I obtained a reading online from Diana. I find her readings on her Facebook page so accurate and my reading was even more so. It gave me insight to confirming the path I am on and was also delivered with a warmth, sincerity and authenticity which felt wonderful to be a part of. Thank you Diana for my reading and for sharing your light.”

~ Michelle Pietroboni, Central Coast, NSW Australia

“Thank you so much Diana for the incredibly insightful and timely reading! My heart is overflowing in appreciation for the clarity and divine guidance shared! I will definitely be following your suggestions to help me move forward more gracefully! Peace and Blessing to you dear heart!!!”

~ Mary Jones, Illinois, USA 

“Thank you for this beautiful opportunity and gift you shared with me today. I can't thank you enough for making my day. Your words, your advice was very accurate. I feel so glad having been chosen and having had the chance to receive messages from my Angels and to know that my grams is with me always. The most important thing I learnt from this reading is that the Angels are with us always and that the connection is always there, it depends on us to connect with these beautiful beings and they are always there to offer us love and support. Thank you again and I would like to say that you are an amazing, beautiful person and I congratulate you in all the amazing work you do to help so many of us to learn more about the Angels. Hope to speak with you again soon.”

~ Melissa Parra, Columbia 

“Diana you are amazing! I don't know how to Thank You, I needed today's reading more than you may ever know. I am truly grateful to you. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul!”

~ Parie Morris, USA

“She is beautiful inside out and I'm grateful for all her kindness and wisdom. She is the real deal!”

~ Doreen Ann, Louisville, Kentucky


“Thank you Diana for connecting with me today. You channeled many messages from my loved ones for which I will cherish forever. The reading really resonated with me. Many unexpected blessings. Namaste”

~ Kim Cintio, USA 

“Sharing this Skype time with Diana has been an experience full of love. The knowledge and messages about my life that Angels, especially Archangel Saint Michael, give me through Diana, have given me great confidence and peace. I felt great love and affection. I'll work on the advice given to me, I feel happy. Thanks Diana! Lots of love and light for you and all!”

~ Maribel Kerubin, Spain


“Words fail me to adequately express how accurate and right you were. It was as if you could see inside and draw out my deepest areas I need to work on. I am overcome with a sense of peace, tranquility and gratitude that no amount of writing can express. My dearest, you have no idea how much you have touched my soul and heart. May God bless you and everyone. Thank you from my Dad and me.”

~ Ileana Carmona Austrich, Florida, USA

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